Your company has grown and also your staff.

You are already 200 employees but the company needs to recruit 5 more salesman for opening a new market abroad.

Your boss does not want to contract last used Recruitment Agency because it took a lot of time, it was quite expensive, results were not worthy because profiles didn’t macht, and new people were difficult to integrate into company’s culture.

You proposed to do an internal recruitment, which was very welcomed by your boss because existent staff will be motivated by the opportunity to of an economic and professional promotion, but the boss detailed exactly what she wanted:

  • A man/woman who planificates perfectly how to introduce your company products into the new market.
  • One excellent manager of the designed plan.
  • The perfect leader team.
  • Five people with great enthusiasm explore the possibilities of the new country market and adapt into it as soon as possible.

Doing individual employees to 200 people in order to discover who would fit in that workstation would be to tedious and take too much time… Therefore you looked for different possibilities and you decided to lunch the following test to all the company staff.


Planificate this squat by:

  1. offering them new labor conditions for the new positions, specifying salary, antiquity, category, timing, moving, training, other benefits, etc.
  2. witting the agreement that will change his actual conditions.

Do YOURSELF the test, discover your own personality, and discover if you can offer this positions to your classmates !