INGRUSPLAPLIA is a chemistry industry dedicated to transform plastic waste into plastic grit for other industries. To do so, the use a grinding mill where the wast is thrown, grinned and pended to the extruder forming the grit that will be used by other industries who uses this raw material.

The employees you have are not too much literate, and your have the sensation the owner is not always buying plastic waste when he import containers from Colombia. You have to deal with them the best you can.

You have to face the following situations:

- There is no risk prevention at all. What do you need to do?

- Last month a worked who was upset with the owner, had threatened him with an ax while a discussion, and your boss is asking you to so something.

- During a talk with the owner where they were discussing one salary non payment, the employee insulted him calling him “F*** you, son of a b****”. The owner is telling you to do something. What would you do?

- There is a worker who instead of using two access stairways next the miller, he prefers to balance up to the wall next to the miller to go from one side to other, with the subsequence risk of falling into the miller and suffer very serious damages.

- The girl who is doing administrative tasks has come to you explaining confidentiality that she has been harassed for the last two years by the head of production, also with sexual propositions, and she is upset with this situation.

- You have to form two workers from Kenia who only speak Maa, and you are not able to lecture them in risk prevention. The also have their working license that will expire in two months term, and the labour authority have required you to bring their working documentation because it seems they are working in five other workplace at the same time. What will you do?

- You have discovered that the gas tank in the yard is emptying every day a little, and you suspect somebody is stealing it.

- An autonomous, referenced by an employee, is working in the roof where a non deep pool deposit of corrosive liquids is settled. He did not know it was dangerous and he crosses the pool suffering serious damages. What would you do?

- When you arrive to work four months later you see all employees waiting at the entrance, and you discover the company is closed by the police, with your bosses in jail because a drug crime imputation. All other company fellows in the same situation are asking you what to do. How would you manage this situation?

- The closed company owns you last two monthly salaries, and the two last extra pays. Are you entitled to claim it? Do you have possibilities to be paid? Can you claim any indemnification?