At your construction company activity...

2.- Now that your company is big relating to number of employees, Trade Unions are very interested in you, and have required you to allow them to organize an election in your workplace so that there would be a mixt labor committee in your company.

As a HR you know the company has to led them do the elections because they are fulfilling the bureaucratic proceedings, and you know they want to agree a collective agreement.

Because of some rumors, you also know they have the intention to do an strike if there is no negotiation, and that could be a serious problem for the company production objectives.

Prepare a draft of company’s platform to negotiate with Trades, knowing their claims are:

  1. There must be a parity committee with a meeting calendar.
  2. There must be a clear regulation of different kind of contracts. They want particularly limit the use of the temporality contracts and they want to set a clear permanent seasonal contract calendar.
  3. They want to regulate timing when using provisional contract substituting maternal leaves.
  4. They want to regulate the hand-over contract for replacing employees who retires partially, particularly the age and the percentage.
  5. They want to increase the training or apprenticeship contract but establish its maximum duration.
  6. They want to establish the difference between eventual temporally contract and contract for a specific job or service.
  7. They want copy of all contracts and their conditions, even those  
  8. They want to set a disciplinary regulation distinguishing minor sanctions, grave sanctions, very grave sanctions according to the gravity of the facts so that everybody know the consequences for each any fact, avoiding discriminatory decisions.
  9. They want to establish the best possible arbitration system to solve conflicts outside Courts.
  10. They want to establish an equality plan so that would balance the existing gender disequality in managing and strategic positions the company. They want Company’s commitment, an Equality Committee creation, handover of documentation, actions the company will do in order to correct it, timings for evaluate this corrections, other indirect measures like communication, formation, and minoritization.
  11. There is a mess when there is right to leave or no, because decisions are arbitrary, and you should regulate your major and fair leaves in your company, either time used for them.
  12. They claim for a promotional policy evaluating training, merits, experience, and objective organizational necessities from the company.
  13. They want their salaries rise according to the cost of living increase.
  14. They want three extra payments.
  15. They want to limit the annual journey flexibility and create a bag of hours.
  16. They want a clear calendar of vacations, and they want vacations even if the employee is in a sick leave during all year.
  17. They claim the right to do a one year voluntary leave of absence after one year antiquity.
  18. They want you make an evaluation of 10 main risks at your company and make a prevention risk plan for those risks because they want to diminish accidents.
  19. They want the company to support an insurance in case of labor accident death or disability.
  20. They want a family hospital sick leave.
  21. They want licenses when childbirth

Besides, offer them other rights and benefits that they may not foresee that may help you to trade and exchange their petitions with what you are more interested to offer.

3.- Perform a calendar of negotiation meetings and discuss it with your trade unions.