Conesa Legal compleats its specialty with a broad knowledge of other areas of law, such as procedural, civil, commercial and criminal law. The firm has specialists, as well as top-level external collaborators, who allow us to offer complementary legal advice that is essential to correctly face any issue the firm has to face.

We well take care of any implications all areas of law have in the issue. We understand that client advice implies wide knowledge of law. Our clients find professional advice that covers all their needs.

English speaking lawyers and legal advidors

Our legal firm offers a general legal advise and Court defense, that consists in solving all legal doubts, strategy counsel, legal contract advice and writing and agreement bargaining between interested parties or Court claims and defenses.

  • Real estate
  • Rental contracts
  • Communities of Owners
  • Property rights
  • Civil liability

To obtain good advice it is necessary to know how to defend yourself in front of a Court of Justice.

Thus, our firm's team of lawyers provides the necessary advise for its correct defense in front of Court, if necessary, or in front of and arbitration proceeding.

Therefer, we have defended clients for:

  • Claims from contract quarrelings.
  • Work accidents
  • Civil liability claims
  • Evictions and leasing processes
  • Horizontal property processes
  • Property claims
  • Actions derived from commercial law

Our advice on labor and social security issues requires, on more than one occasion, not only intervention in front of employment Courts, but also in front of adminitrative-contenious Courts.

Conesa Legal has specialized professionals for public claim issues, and we have taken action in several public claims such as:

We move to your home when you need legal help there.