bankruptcy lawyers and economists specialists since 2013:

We have been insolvency administrators since 2013.

Our experience in Labor Law has led us to analyze all kinds of companies and we have prepared and coordinated feasibility plans in order to justify collective and individual dismissals.

From the appearance of the Bankruptcy Law, we had clear in mind that it was one more tool that was going to have many repercussions in the workplace. We also knew companies have crisis situations, and it was our obligation to thoroughly know bankruptcy law, when a company is in a dissolution state when it has to initiate a bankruptcy proceeding, what responsibilities the administrator of the company and the repercussions will have on the company's workforce.

It is essential that our clients know which is the worst scenario in case the debtors don't refinance anymore and labor measures to be adopted would not be enough. When the labor measures are insufficient, the bankruptcy proceeding is an essential tool to try the continuity of the company or to settle when the liability cannot be overcome.


Our team of lawyers and economists specializes in insolvency proceedings, including the insolvency administrator nomination, and today we can offer complete and effective advice regarding possible company insolvency cases.

We are specially prepared for bankruptcy mediation, as well as to offer employment alternatives if an agreement can be reached.


It is important to prepare the bankruptcy in time because the law urges its presentation within 20 days from when the insolvency status is known.

1.- It can start with the presentation of a pre-bankruptcy. This measure provides 3 months of time to negotiate a refinancing agreement with creditors. After that time, the bankruptcy application must be submitted.

2.- If you go directly to bankruptcy, you must request the bankruptcy declaration within two months from the date on which you had known or should have known your insolvency status.

3.- The bankruptcy  which will have different phases:

  • The declaration of bankruptcy: where the bankruptcy administrator is named and the assets and liabilities are determined.
  • The agreement: in which an agreement with creditors is reached and fulfilled to try to overcome the situation.
  • The qualification: where the guilt of the bankruptcy situation is decided.
  • The liquidation: to liquidate the asset to pay the debt that is reached, which occurs if there is no agreement or if it is breached.

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