Legal consulting

SMEs and Individuals


Legal consulting

SMEs and Individuals


English speaking lawyers Barcelona

We help professionals with the integral management of their business: payroll, accounting, social security, and legal services.
We also represent individuals in legal matters.
Our English-speaking lawyers are very experienced in labor, civil and corporate processes.
Able to perform, and negotiate contracts and also defend them in Court if necessary



Specialists in Labor Law and Social Security.

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Experts in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Collaborative Law


Company tax and payroll for SMEs


Bankruptcy proceedings.

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Advice and foreign procedures

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Divorce, heritage and family protocols

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Online telematic services

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Complementary civil and criminal legal advice.

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European Law experts
International Law Network

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We help you improve your working conditions: our years of experience allow us to provide you with expert insight. We therefore believe in prevention and dialogue as the best mechanisms for resolving labor disputes and Human Resources management, but we are prepared to defend decisions before the Court. That is why we advise on risk prevention, prepare protocols or labor compliance, especially protocols to avoid situations of mobbing or harassment in the company, advise on equality plans, or even innovate by offering mediation services.
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As lawyers and social graduates specializing in labor law, we have deep knowledge of the different areas of labor law, including international aspects. In us, you will find the confidence and security to manage your affairs honestly and efficiently. We know the rights and obligations of both companies and workers, and it helps us to better defend our clients. For this reason, our labor services range from matters of sanctions and dismissals to matters of social security, risks prevention, work accidents, disabilities, employment regulation files or negotiation of collective conflicts, modification of working conditions, moral or sexual harassment, senior management contracts, company protocols, etc. And our vocation and experience have led us to be experts in fundamental rights in Europe.




From experience, we know very well that not everything always goes well in a company. We find work accidents, occupational diseases, workplace harassment or mobbing, labor violations, breaches of contract, etc. We are prepared to help. It is necessary to make decisions and formalize them in accordance with what the law says.


In the face of economic difficulties, we advise and implement Employment Regulation Files for collective modification of working conditions, temporary suspension of employment contracts, or reduction in working hours. Also or collective dismissals with or without early retirement.


If the termination of the contract is due to a disciplinary reason, we defend the origin, inadmissibility, or invalidity of the dismissal before the Social Courts, always thinking about the strategy in case an appeal must be made before the Superior Court of Justice, Supreme Court or Constitutional Court if there is a violation of fundamental rights.
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As lawyers and economists specialized in business consultancy, we have deep knowledge of the day-to-day management of the company, preparing payroll, commercial obligations, taxes, and accounting for our clients. On a daily basis, it is necessary to have collaborators who can solve the most frequent problems that a company encounters: annual accounts, minutes of partners, establishment of companies, tax obligations, advice for tax declarations and tax requirements, immigration, etc.


Business set up

We help you set up a company in Spain, with our expert guidance and comprehensive services, the process becomes seamless and efficient. Our team of commercial lawyers possesses a deep understanding of the Spanish legal landscape, ensuring that every step, from business registration to compliance with local regulations, is handled with precision and care. Whether you're a startup or an established business looking to expand to Spain, we offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives. 

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