Labor Due Diligence in companies


Our accumulated experience as English speaking lawyers has enough cases (in Barcelona but also all over Spain) so that we know how to evaluate a company and its risks.

Among other issues we analize:

  • Official start up formalities in front of the authorities.
  • Contracts review.
    1. 1 Company administrator's contract
    1. 2 CEO's contract
    1. 3 Autonomous
    1. 4 Majority shareholder and his relationship with the company
    1.5 All workplaces obligations
    1.6 Contractual clauses for employee
  • Possible benefits
  • Official training programs
  • Contractual suspension
  • Expectant rights
  • Handicap contractual %
  • Immigration formalities.
  • Subcontrations
  • Employee transfers to other companies.
  • Payroll and salary concepts
  • Labour calendar and journey
  • Calendario laboral y jornada
  • Rest time
  • Extra hours
  • Trade union, employee deputies and collective negotiation
  • Labour accidents
  • Healths and accident insurance reviews and advisory
  • Prevention employment accident Risk  
  • Collective Agreements
  • Employment sanctions and conflicts
  • Taxes
  • Professional categories
  • Labour passive


Our tax team perform and advice with due diligence to certificate all tax obligations fulfillment.


Our corporates teams performs corporate due diligence to certificate company official corporate obligations fulfillment.