The Firm


In 1976 José Conesa Ballestero founded Conesa Legal, a firm specialising in Labour and Social Security Law. Since then, a number of professionals have joined the project, bringing together more than 50 years of professional experience, especially in the field of Labour Law.

This experience has allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge of our area of specialisation and all its facets, and today we are able to offer a comprehensive service both in terms of legal advice and in contentious or judicial matters.


Business Consultancy

As lawyers and economists specialising in business consultancy, we have a profound understanding of the day-to-day management of a company, preparing payrolls, commercial obligations, taxes and accounting for our clients. From day to day it is necessary to be able to count on collaborators who can solve the most frequent problems that a company encounters: annual accounts, shareholders' minutes, incorporation of companies, tax obligations, advice for tax declarations and tax requirements, immigration, etc.


Labour Law Consultancy

Our expert Labour Law lawyers and social graduates have in-depth knowledge of the different areas of labour law, including international matters. You will find in us the confidence and assurance that we will handle your affairs in an honest manner, and with guarantees of maximum efficiency. We understand that both companies and employees have rights and obligations, and this helps us to better defend our clients. That's why our labour services range from matters of sanctions and dismissals, to matters of social security, prevention of occupational hazards, accidents at work, disabilities, employment regulation proceedings or negotiation of collective conflicts, modification of working conditions, moral or sexual harassment, contracts of senior managers, company protocols, etc. Not to mention our vocation and experience, which has led us to become experts in fundamental rights in Europe.


Comprehensive service and international outlook

Our experience in court has given us the insight into how cases tend to end, which is why we know how to advise, prevent, negotiate and seek alternative solutions to conflicts, such as mediation or collaborative law, so that our clients have a better chance of success in their cases. This allows your case to be more likely to succeed in court, if it is ultimately necessary to go to court.


We therefore offer our clients comprehensive advice ranging from the study and anticipation of possible employment scenarios in the company, to the support and the most experienced legal defence in the event that your case is brought before the courts.


Our links and commitment to the Barcelona Bar Associations of Lawyers and Social Graduates, and the training they provide, have enabled us to maintain excellent relations with the main players in labour relations, such as the Public Administrations, employers' organisations, trade unions, magistrates and judges, etc.


We are members of the International Association of Labour Law and Social Security; we are members of the Labour and Community Law Commission of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB); for years we have chaired the Community Social Law Commission of the Barcelona Bar Association, and we teach at these institutions as well as other academic bodies such as the University of Barcelona and other recognised Business Schools.

Our international outlook has led us to have a team with the cultural and language skills necessary to support foreign clients in Spain. We also collaborate with the international network ELEN, of which we are founders, and which has offices in a range of countries such as France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Brazil and Argentina, among others.


Over and above our professional experience, these are the values that guide us every day:
  • Are we skillful?
  • Are we honest?
  • Do we have willpower?
  • Are we happy doing it?
  • Do we do it with love?
  • Is it healthy?
  • Is it profitable?

We strive for success according to our values, which involves helping the client by providing a professional, specialised, preventive, practical, up-to-date and personalised service for each client.