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2024 Public Holidays Calendar, Barcelona


Find out all the 2024 public holidays in Barcelona, Spain

(Details in English below the image)

Calendario laboral 2024

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15 Public Holidays in Barcelona in 2024:

1st of January (Monday): New Year's Day

6th of January (Saturday): Three Wise Men

29th of March (Friday): Good Friday

1st of April (Monday): Easter Monday

1st of May (Wednesday): May Day / International Day of Workers

20th of May (Monday): Second Easter (local holiday)

24th of June (Monday): Saint John's Day (Sant Joan).

15th of August (Thursday): The Assumption (La Asunción).

11th of September (Wednesday): National Day of Catalonia

24th of September (Tuesday): La Mercè (local holiday)

12th of October (Saturday): National Day of Spain

1st of November (Friday): All Saints' Day

6th of December (Friday): Day of the Constitution

25th of December (Wednesday): Christmas Day

26th of December (Thursday): Saint Stephen's Day (Sant Esteve)


Publication date: 5 March 2024

Last updated: 5 March 2024