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Drafting the Bylaws of a company is essential for the smooth operation of a society. Our Legal Advisory will help you define your limited liability company or public limited company according to your interests. If something different suits you, we can also assist you in the establishment of a private civil society and a cooperative.


It is also very important to find out if other forms of establishing a company in Spain are suitable for you.

Check this link to see the differences between a limited liability company and a public limited company in Spain, or whether it is advisable for a multinational corporation to establish itself as a branch or permanent establishment (Link).


Our lawyers will guide you step by step to create your company, and we will also handle all the procedures to register it with the Commercial Registry, with the Tax Office through form 036, or with the Social Security by processing the registration of the workplace and self-employment.

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Requirements for establishing a public limited company in Spain and for the establishment of a limited liability company in Spain:

  1. The first step is to process the Request for Negative Corporate Name with the Central Commercial Registry: we request 3 names in case any of them is already taken. Please provide us with 3 names that you would be interested in asking the Commercial Registry about.


  1. We request the Tax Identification Number (NIF) from the Tax Agency.

  2. We need proof of the deposit of the company's share capital in a bank account in the company's name (at least €3,000 for a limited liability company or €60,000 for a public limited company).

  3. Advisory and drafting of the Company's Articles of Association, which is important as it regulates the functioning of the company, defining important aspects such as the corporate purpose, the company's management body and the shareholders' meeting, the dissolution of the company, etc.

  4. We proceed to sign the Deed of Incorporation before a notary, identifying the company and incorporating the Articles of Association.

  5. We process the payment of Transfer Tax (ITP) and Documented Legal Acts Tax (AJD).

  6. We register the notarial deed with the Commercial Registry.

  7. We register the company's activity with the Tax Agency (form 036) and register for the Economic Activities Tax (IAE).

  8. We register the company with the Social Security.

  9. We register the administrator in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).


You will then need to obtain and install a digital certificate on your computer to receive electronic notifications and proceed with the submission and payment of taxes.

You can find the necessary information for the online process here if you need it:

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For day-to-day operations, we recommend that you hire our services for:

  • Mercantile management for shareholder and board minutes, as well as the filing of mercantile books.
  • Tax management for tax preparation and accounting.
  • Payroll management for the preparation of payroll sheets.

Our management services are supported by Barcelona Legal Advisory, with lawyers who handle daily affairs.

setting up a company in Spain

If you need all possible information about how to set up a company in Spain we offer you the following link:

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