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labour lawyers experts in layoff procedure:

 There are two kind of layoff in Spain, our experts can help you in this procedure:


Our lawyers are experts in disciplinary layoff procedure and penalty: 

  1. First, we have to calculate the compensation amount.
  2. Secondly, it is important to know how the company can apply a penalty and/or proceed to a disciplinary layoff. 
  3. Thirdly, which is the evidence?

With these informations, we can study the situation and know which options you have.

LAYOFF for economic reasons:

This option of the employer is actually a contractual resolution that must be justified in :

  • economic reasons.
  • technical causes.
  • organisational causes.
  • production causes.

It will be necessary for the employer to allege and prove these causes for redundancies.

Procedure issues:

The layoff consequences/issues can be:

  • fair dismissal: the judge or the parties are agree with the reasons of the dismissal.
  • unfair dismissal: the judge or the parties declare that the dismissal is not motivated and the company has to pay legal compensation.
  • void dismissal: the judge declares that the dismissal violates fundamental rights and it is necessary for the company to reinstate the worker.

In order to know your options and possibilities in layoff procedure, we can study the matter through a face-to-face visit or video call.

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