Our English speaking lawyers team can help you in all kinds of labor procedures. It is made up of highly specialized lawyers in Employment Law and in all matters related to the different areas of labor relations. Our commitment to labor law has led us to belong to different associations since our origins, among which there is the International Association of Labor Law and Social Security, and our very close link to institutions such as the Illustrious College of Social Graduates or the same Illustrious Barcelona Bar Association.

Areas of employment advice:

  1. Employment advice
  2. Special labor relations
  3. CEO contracts
  4. Collective negotiations
  5. Collective agreements and company payments
  6. Assistance and defense in court
  7. Working accidents
  8. Commercial hiring
  9. Payroll payments
  10. Labor compliance or labor protocols
  11. Labor Due Diligence
  12. Internacional contracts
  13. Business restructuring
  14. Employment Regulation or ERTE
  15. Bankruptcy